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At Hands On Physical Therapy, we want you on the fastest possible road to recovery. We pride ourselves on the wide variety of services that we offer and the variety of conditions we can treat. We provide a safe and highly effective alternative to surgery, pain management, and long term chiropractic or physical therapy treatment programs. We accurately diagnose and rapidly resolve the source of pain and injuries — helping patients quickly return to pain-free activity and avoid injury recurrence.

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My son had an amazing experience with HOPT! The therapist he worked with helped him increase his agility, speed and strength in his legs and ankles. My son initially was experiencing knee pain was diagnosed and treated for tendinitis.

Anna L.

I go here for aquatics and love the pool! The staff is attentive and always there to answer your questions or have a good conversation with while you do your exercises.

Nestor A.

I found the staff of Hands On Physical Therapy informed, friendly, considerate, and skillful. They helped me greatly to put me on the road to recovery for my hip and back issues.

Richard D.

When I started taking therapy at Hands On, I was not even able to do their therapy exercises. But with their help and guidance I gradually improved until I recovered.

Allen S.

I highly recommend Hands On Therapy. Staff is very knowledgeable. I have received much improvement from the time I began receiving assistance from them.

Angela B.

I love Hands On Physical Therapy! Everyone was great to work with. Cathy and Jose took their time with you and they made sure they understood what was wrong before helping you.

Angier C.

Pre-Surgery physical therapy is SO important! Kathy Wiegers at Hands On Physical Therapy did an amazing job preparing me for partial knee surgery! She worked with me for 4 weeks and I continued doing the exercises at home until my surgery on September 16.

Alice Q.

Knowledgeable, Caring, Friendly people.

Allen P.

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Free Resources For A Pain-Free Life!

You Have More Options Than Ever For The Day To Day Aches And Pains. When Combined With Monitored Physical Therapy, You Can Use All Of The Following Tips To Relieve The Symptoms While Improving The Strength And The Mobility Of Your Muscles.

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